Connecticut Politics Watch

Monday, April 17, 2006


For some time now I have been watching the play of politics in our local newspaper, especially the Hartford Courant. What I have noticed is a preponderance to heavily slant the news in favor of left-leaning opinions and points of view. I have decided to create this blog site to openly discuss issues facing Connecticut - especially our elected representatives. Hopefully we can counter some of the spin presented by the dominant new source in the area.Welcome to the site. While I plan not to censor any posts, one thing I will not tolerate is the egregious use of profanity. If you wish to debate, that is one thing. If you wish to opine, that is another. But trying to back your point of view with vulgarity will not be tolerated. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.Just to let you know, I have been actively blogging on the national scene for quite some time now, and have another blog site called SpecterVision.